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Andy Construction, LLC provides expedient Seattle, WA waterproofing services. Call us if you need help protecting your interiors, exteriors, marine products, and more.

Andy Zhang was operation manager for WU construction LLC in Seattle for past 9 years. Now he is general manager of Andy Construction LLC. We welcome new customers to contact us, you will be very glad at the end. We will treat every customer with true honesty, we are confidence with our work that we don't ask for any money down until work is completed and owner satisfies!

We provide permanent solution for wet basement, wet crawlspace, standing water in the yard, downspout, water go into garage/basement door, driveway, sump pumps and all other water issues around a house. We will always provide the most cost efficient and effective solution for each customer. Our expert team also has many years of experiences on all of services below. Even though if you don't have an issue currently, feel free to contact us for a free inspection or free evaluation for your basement, crawlspace and yard.

Save Yourself the Hassle

Even if you're relatively handy, certain installation and repair projects require tools and skills that you simply may not have. Why risk injury or property damage when a general contractor like Andy Construction, LLC. can help? One call to Andy Construction, LLC. can save you time, aggravation, and in many cases, money. And when you work with Andy Construction, LLC., you'll get the benefit of:

  • Reasonable rates
  • Prompt, reliable service
  • Quality workmanship

Call today to learn more about the advantages of hiring a general contractor like Andy Construction, LLC. or to schedule an estimate.

See What Our Customers Say About Us

“You and your fine workers are part of my Thanksgiving Praise! You handled all the work in a professional and sincere caring manner. Our world needs more 'Andys" like you.”
- Daniel T.

“Andy Construction is a great company with fantastic rates. They are always quick to finish the job and honor their quote. I am a real estate agent and have used them many times including jobs on my own personal residence. In my experience, no job has been too large or too small for his time. I would highly recommend giving Andy a call.”
- Danny A.

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  • Free Estimates
  • 20% off up to $250
  • Cost Control Experts
  • Locally Owned And Operated
  • Fully Insured
  • Bonded

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